the global migraine


The nation’s strength
is not in its arms,
it’s in the way it grows
crops in the farms;
it’s the food the matters,
not the food-snatching wars;

throughout the world,
albeit technologies tried
the farmers commit
suicide, one wonders why
the tv channels across
europe, the americas,
australia allure the
unwilling ladies to
espouse the farmers;

in the punjab of india,
where wheat is in
abundance, over 9000
farmers in 18 years
abandoned their lives;
one ponders
if the money is
in safe hands, or if it’s
going for a toss;

consumers though
are willing to pay more
in France’s ‘Who’s the Boss’.


Note: ‘Who’s the Boss’ is a name of a milk product in France where consumers were asked to pay more so the proceeds reach the farmers. More than 13 million consumers supported the movement. 

© supratik 2023
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