— yesterday —-


I tried to let my yesterday go,
it followed me like a shadow,
a redundant tail attached to me,
as if it were a delinquent monkey;
I had it tagged a day ago,
I have it today, for sure
I’ll have it tomorrow;
its pains and pleasures,
deadly treasures
it engages me every day
beyond measures,
as if there wasn’t a today
unless it died, as yesterday.

I fail, I fall, I feel so low,
I wake up yet every day
from the daydreaming
nightmare, but the bed
of the past, with pages read
with its scarlet agonies,
those wounded hurts
that has my world torn apart,
I try to breathe, but in those
irrelevant stories, I drown,
I find myself dead.

I will keep trying nevertheless
to correct my losing deed,
I’ll resurrect indeed
from yesterday’s mess,
I’ll win and succeed, when
my yesterday will be gone,
in my mind, I will be reborn.

© supratik 2023
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