One More Drop.

How many pages left to turn,

and words…

how many await the reading.

Time runs low as the ink in the

pen runs dry.

Soon the well too shall fail,

perhaps a last drop…waiting in a 

forgotten bottle, that once fell

to the detritus of years, may

yet glisten once more

upon the nib.



© sweetwater 2023
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I don’t suppose you mean it this way but this poem seems to summarise the slow demise of UKA. I admire the way you keep plugging away with so little response. Your tenacity is impressive.

Myself I have not been writing much this year partly because things haven’t been going to good and then I lost someone who was very close to me. Still struggling to get through it, but I will try to make an effort and post something on here to support UKA and hopefully encourage others to check in from time to time,

Power to you! xxxx

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