Como uma bela flor

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The wilting flower must close its head,

The sunlight’s gone the night is still,
Not a whisper, so you sleep tight,

Awake tomorrow, to open again,
Breathe gods air to make life pure.

Amongst the chaos & the gloom,

Dancing gracefully with the wind,
We think of you and anxiously wait,

To witness your beauty again, in the mists of early morn.

Like the sunflower,

Turning once more, looking at the light with laughter,

And with beauty, you light up the day, with your own special way.

It is with your sweet smile

In full bloom, which makes you that special flower in the room.

Who knows a clutch of heather maybe,

Which can flower in the most trying conditions?

Like the flower I hope your new day  esta cheio de alegria. 

© munster 2023
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