The fatal diagnosis


Like in all fatal diseases,
you don’t understand what’s happening to you,
you don’t recognize yourself,
you feel you are losing control
not only of your body but of yourself,
your mind is playing games with you
wreaking havoc in your world;
the most sensible and orderly become distracted,
sleeplessness is inevitable,
but the worst is the constant short cut circuit,
your brain going around like a washing machine
ever stuck with the same idea
that you brainwash yourself with
and can’t let go of although it consumes you,
and that’s the most serious symptom:
the self-consumption that you waste yourself with,
the most serious and hopeless of addictions;
and there has never been a cure
except escape by death.
The diagnosis is fatal: you are doomed,
your affliction is the worst one possible,
you’ll never get rid of that addiction
which constantly has to worsen
your case in hopelessness and downfall,
for there was never any cure for love.


© aurelio 2023
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