A Mouse And a House

I so want to live in an old remote house

Where my only company, is a small single mouse

We could live our lives – just as we please

And drink river water and share hunks of cheese.


I’d talk to him, telling him about my whole life

The good and bad times, the fun and the strife

He’d sit and he’d listen but not understand

Why often I’d sit with my head in my hand.


And when late at night we’d both fall asleep

Each others company we would gratefully keep

‘Til late in the morning when we would awake

And together our breakfast of nuts we’d partake.


Then we’d sit outside and watch the blue skies

And hope that one day to our sudden surprise

That high up among all the clouds and the rain

We’d see something strange that we couldn’t explain


It would then become clearer as we watched it in awe

Til it landed and opened a small oval door

We’d be welcomed and cared for, they would fill us with love

And we’d see out our days in the sky up above


I know we’d be happy, just me and my mouse

The couple who came from the old remote house

But who live now forever in a craft in the skies

And never had time to say their goodbyes.

© marvo 2023
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