An Ill Wind

There is a trade wind
that blows in West Africa
from the Sahara Desert
to the Gulf of Guinea;
it is called Harmattan

It occurs in dry seasons
during months of low sun
The swirling wind picks up
fine dust and sand particles
that slow down a caravan.

Haze affects the visibility;
the camels’ drivers wear
bright chequered kaffiyeh
tightly fixed on their head
and a cotton caftan.

Strong air-currents can
bring the run to a halt
so, before setting out,
it is essential to have,
a well-thought-out plan.

To protect head and face
from sand or dust is a must.
We have to be circumspect
as haboobs have no respect **
for the foolishness of man.


© Luigi Pagano 2021

** Haboob – A penetrating sandstorm or dust-storm with violent winds, occurring chiefly in Arabia, Africa, and India.

© ionicus 2023
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