A Waiting List

An abnormal situation.

If the pandemic
did not exist
I wouldn’t be
on the waiting list
for all the things
and services I need.
I could see a doctor
for my nosebleed
or a specialist
to treat a cyst.
I know that delays
at the dentist persist
and cannot have
an appointment
until at the earliest,
the month of December.
The same applies
to my oculist,
a great tactician
at changing his title.
(Used to be an optician,
I seem to remember,
but now call himself
an optometrist.)
I didn’t realise how quickly
time passes:
it will be a long time
before I have new glasses.
Playing second fiddle
to the dreaded epidemic
has become a formality,
It’s utopian to hope for
a return to normality.
© Luigi Pagano 2021

© ionicus 2023
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