the lost rainbow

you left me
I felt deserted
for long

in winter,
my heart sensed
the heat of a 
sweltering summer
it hurt, fired my
ribs, my shoulders
for days and nights

there was this sudden
smell of petrichor,
a taste of salt in the eyes
withered in the rain
the downpour consumed
the tears,
left me thirsty

a year sat in my
ran into the old
books that knew
our long whispers,
our love-making songs

who is right who wrong,
who is weak who strong,
I had these juvenile rhyming
answer-less questions
trying to help, not tease
but they kept me entertained
like a floor show that comprised
dancing and striptease

I heard your steps
in the kitchen garden
the space was impatient
with the time that
baked a restless
I was famished

on the double, I know
you’ll never call me back
the papers,
cold letters had expelled
the crescent from the garden
the sun will never sleep
with the rain

I feel the same breeze
embracing me, the same
clouds caressing me,
the sun had the same glow,
the rain had the same charm,
oftentimes the two met

but there wasn’t a rainbow

© supratik 2023
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