Magnificent Dumb-Ass

Intro: Incredible adventure of Lawn-Chair Larry. 1982–California. 

Forty-five weather balloons tied to his lawn-chair

Cold beer and jugs of water for ballast

Pellet gun to shoot the ‘loons when he was done with his fun

Waved his girlfriend g’bye, didn’t want to see her cry

Afraid her dumb-ass boyfriend was gonna die

Cast off! Larry and his lawn-chair did fly

Sixteen thousand feet straight up into the sky

I ain’t lying; jet airliners zooming right by him

Cold, cold air up there where he didn’t dare

Shoot the pellet gun to end his fun

Just windblown, frozen terror; no way to see the beauty

Of Long Beach below or the Pacific vista beyond

Like the rest of us on our own short flight down here

© ChairmanWow 2023
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I thought at first that this was just a ”flight of fancy” until I realised that this amusing poem was relating a true event, corroborated by Wikipedia. I found it an enjoyable read and the only niggle was Caste off which should be Cast off.

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