the most abused

plastic flowers
words without feelings

feelings that construct
the universe

poor cousins
the intellectual brain
head of a pumpkin

feelings without words
converse with pet lovers;

words without meanings
violated victims
consumed with caprice

meanings without words
the dulcet tone within
often whispers;

words without healings
a tortured bonsai
in mechanical delight
tonsured world
deforested in
lifeless words

healings without words
a magical foreplay
among lovers;

words without awareness,
cure, essence, pleasure
a boat without a rudder
set for sailing,
ambushed animals
trapped from the jungle
wailing while playing
in a circus, without a joker

© supratik 2023
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trapped from, do you mean trapped out of the jungle, trapped in civilization?

very important ideas here and lots to mull over. I have to understand this trapped from how it works to really have a chance of getting it at least close enough.

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