another honeymoon

in my dream
I woke up in a
garden and walked
into a painting,
silver, golden
flowers dancing in
the trees, varied colors
shapes; with gifted
powers I invoked a quiet
fragrance in the breeze, 
I placed the sun
on the topmost branch,
from the other side
the soft moon was oozing
juice that melted like honey,
everything looked small,
perfect, I was big enough
not to get in

I wondered why I
wouldn’t fit in, I felt a
pain in the eyes
that sensed the death of
this strange world,
they had to open,
I’m alive why,
a voice whispered,
to die again in the
womb of another

© supratik 2023
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the fact that you chose to say you were big enough speaks volumes, the poem may indeed be based on a dream you had, or it may be part of your conclusions while thinking deeply… you decided to be big enough, it’s not the realization “i was too big”, you made your self big enough to be again in the womb, the voice is probably yours, the one that informs

very good poem


What exquisite imagery. I could see it in my inner vision. I could sense the disappointment on waking and leaving it behind. I can relate.
I also understand the voice of wisdom that comes in the twilight world between waking and sleeping when the critical mind is in abeyance and the words come strange and true,
You are such a deep thinker. Your work is always multi-faceted to me.
Alison x
It leaves me with a sense of wonder and an ancient feeling on the edge of reason.


My goodness! I missed this poem; it is exquisite, and it brought back some inner experiences I had as a hippy; or was that someone else masquerading as me?

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