A Man of Simple Tastes

I am a man of simple tastes; I am easily satisfied with the best.

I am a man of simple tastes,
who is laid-back, easygoing
and not acting in haste.

A cold drink and a good book
are enough to make me relax
on the lawn, next to a brook.

I feel happy and thrilled to bits
admiring the amorous dance
and courtship of two blue tits.

My garden is neat and trim,
but due to the incessant rain
the pond is full to the brim.

The warm water will become
a birthing pool for tadpoles
with frogs the final outcome.

Caterpillars ate one cabbage
in my small vegetable garden,
I wonder, can it be salvaged?

The parsley and lovage flourish,
blueberries and strawberries too;
the crops exceptionally lavish.

I am eating a dish called knish,
a snack that’s filled with cheese.
What else could I possibly wish?


© Luigi Pagano 2021

© ionicus 2023
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So like our own garden Luigi; and today we got our first lovage plant!

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