in a world where
entertainers take
the lion’s share of
the cake, real
pleasure is at stake

artists, players
give their best
to bring out the
hidden emotions of
their audiences, who
have an out-of-the-world
experience; but the moment
the entertainer exits,
merriment ceases to exist,
the stakeholders are thrown
back into their own
old worlds pining for more

entertainment is loud,
it hits you hard with
music, with words,
when the weed is gone,
you become vacant, forlorn
whining for more 

© supratik 2023
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in greek people use two words for entertainment, one is ψυχαγωγία and the other is διασκέδαση. these two words describe the negative and positive side of entertainment, the second which is more common, means wasting/spending your time, the first means educating your soul thus making the last part of your poem impossible; you never become vacant nor forlorn. the world right now has an abundance of negative entertainers. it’s their job to keep people busy and excited then leave them vacant and forlorn.

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