In the shadow of geraniums

passion with geraniums as backdrop


Strengthening, anticipating

The marrow morning, hot lipped

Past the parked buildings creeping,

Narrow reeds river the green sapped

Root drunk dreams unfurling

Bud clenched fingers burning

Unraged red: hot chisel kisses,

Simmered, drenched in sunned spices,

Open the passionate mouths,

The night’s yearning.

© Bhi 2023
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geraniums keep mosquitoes and ticks away, essential oil for example use them for your dogs or even horses…

these insects detest their smell

most balconies here used to have geraniums. little did they know this humble plant has such great medicinal significance. I find them extremely useful and helpful plants that have nothing erotic about them, unlike roses or orchids.


cedar geranium keep most bugs away from humans and animals and cedar is good for bed bugs too

lavender is good too, first time I hear about camomile, citronella is what most people know.

there is eroticism yes but it depends on our mood and biochemistry which can be manipulated either intentionally or unintentionally, by ourselves or by others.

some things however could/would/should never act or be as erotic no matter what for any psychologically healthy and mentally fit individual. I dare say the only thing that might break the rule on and off even as borderline psychosis is autoeroticism.

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