Truly Madly

An uninvited guest

I wasn’t invited
but I’d like to be there,
at Alice’s party’
with the March Hare.

I should be present
and must insist,
my name is added
to the guests’ list.
I told all my friends
that I had been
invited to lunch
by the Red Queen
but changed my mind
when I later read
that she’d threatened
to cut off my head.
When i discovered
she’d been mistaken:
for the Queen of Hearts,
I was much shaken.
Lewis Carroll’s story
is bound to bamboozle
and it was responsible
for my luncheon refusal.
Having lost my chance
I feel only disquiet
that I’ve to subsist
on a meagre diet.
© Luigi Pagano 2021










© ionicus 2023
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One of my favourite books Luigi – well done! And what is a bit weird, is that the language seems now to be how politicians talk anyway!


Only a mathematician could have written Alice; and only a word master could have spun this poem.

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