the pen

an eye of the storm,
in the middle of chaos,

the smell of the ink,
the touch of the skin,
the look,

shades of identities
in the noisy crises
struggling to 
write a horrid,
a borrowed story,

a silent traveller
bewildered in the crowd
of unspoken words

the device finally triumphs
to proclaim the squall
with a sound of a crack

© supratik 2023
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critique and comments welcome.
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not so sure about the last strophe primarily because of the use of crack twice maybe you need a synonym for the first crack as I don’t think you should replace the second.


Yes, it is now working; and something in its inner tension I found satisfying


Not sure about the use of the words “horrid,” and “a borrowed story.” Otherwise the metaphor works well.

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