We will get over this

Let’s not forget, we took some
wonderful steps
before to
depollute the earth.

We will get over this too for
sure, we will find ourselves
a permanent cure.

Banning smoking from
the public places, no mean task;
the whole world was united
in its stand, smoking on the bus,
on the train, inside the offices
premises, on the plane, completely
the world breathed afresh.

Remember what we did to safeguard
the lives of
those who cannot speak
themselves; yesterday’s sought-after
are now hunted as today’s
No mean feat, the global
accord brought about for good
those killers’ defeat.

These two shining examples had
shown us how we could
ourselves from those deadly habits.

Like we saved the animals
from the hands of the branded
slaughters, we cleared smoking
from the public domain, 
we can do it again, we will free
our helpless universe from
the deadly virus.

Let’s pat our back, united as it were,
we’ll put life back on track, like we
did before; w
e will triumph, save the
human race.
We will demolish the trace
f the germ from the face of the earth,
we will wash away t
he remnants of
the disease, w
e’d walk, meet, greet
each o
ther again, at ease.

Thanks to the relentless efforts
of all the ignited minds, thanks
to the loving hearts of the indefatigable
soldiers, the
precious, selfless
life will continue to thrive;
with their fearless fights, indomitable
we will put the coronavirus
behind us, we will walk over it
without the fear of losing lives. 


© supratik 2023
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