After the Storm

Highs and lows.

During lockdown the barbers were shut
and it wasn’t possible to have a haircut.
It saved me money, I was quids in
but had long hair and an unshaven chin.
Because of Covid we lost many facilities
now, though, there are new possibilities.
Pubs have reopened but with limitations
on food consumption and on libation.
You can drink anything, including stout,
but not indoors, you have to stay out.
Non-essential shopping? By all means!
I can buy shoes or a pair of blue jeans.
For my other half I feel compassion:
last-year clothes are now out of fashion.
Not buying new ones is a cardinal sin.
It is an argument that I cannot win
Other activities have been set in motion
but we are told to proceed with caution.
We can meet people (no more than six)
for social intercourse but not dirty tricks.
It will have to take place in the open air
with the proviso that we’ll take due care.
We have exercised judicious prudence
for a long time during the turbulence.
Our life suffered many highs and lows
but after a storm, as everyone knows,
the sky clears and the dark clouds go;
and, with luck, there will be a rainbow.
No need to fear a global cataclysm,
return to normality gives us optimism.
© Luigi Pagano 2021

© ionicus 2023
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Cheers! I like this. Some very clever rhyming in here, Luigi.

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