War and truce.

Boy, oh boy!
Last night, at home,
I met Leo Tolstoy.
He appeared
as I was on the point
of tackling his big tome
considered by many
to be a masterpiece.
He talked earnestly
about war
and I, passionately,
of peace.
We mentioned,
among other things,
Russia and Germany.
He must have thought
me a bore, harping on
about freedom and harmony.
He said that the world
was dominated
by greed and artifice.
We argued at length,
agreed to disagree,
finally ending our feud
by signing an armistice.
© Luigi Pagano 2021

© ionicus 2023
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I like the rhyme in this one Luigi – and the ‘tome’, one I have not tackled either.

Best….Gordon. (I’m thinking of using my middle name…


reads fluently, this mini tome of yours. I hope he brought some vodka to seal the deal, which you handled with aplomb!

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