In Memoriam

Anniversary day.

I came here to pay
my respects, as usual,
on the anniversary day
with a bunch of chrysanthemums
to place on your grave.
The skies above were grey
swollen with pewter clouds
heralding the rain.
In the distance I heard
a faint rumble of thunder
imperviously commanding:
keep your chin up, be brave.
I’ve had years to ponder
on how to lessen grief
but time has not healed
nor has it dulled my pain.
I often cursed Fate
which dealt the mighty blow
that condemned a soul
to lie six feet below.
Now, rooted to the spot
and unable to move,
I yearned for the sound
of your mellifluous voice.
It was wishful thinking
for a miracle to happen
in which I could rejoice.
But when I was about
to leave the burial plot,
as raindrops were falling,
I’m sure my wish was granted;
I thought I heard you calling.
© Luigi Pagano 2021
From my poetry collection “Reflections”






© ionicus 2023
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Goodness! This is a perfect piece, and a personal sharing, for which we can only express respect. A nib I hope?



Miracles do happen, and nothing compares to the miracle of memory. Understated yet powerful verse.

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