A Lack of Application(s)

Confession of an ignoramus.

I’m computer illiterate
and a technophobe;
I can’t search the web,
it hurts my frontal lobe.
Technology baffles me,
I’m a simple chap;
I can’t fathom Windows
or any other app.
And having Bluetooth
doesn’t seem right
as all my gnashers
are pearly white.
My eyesight is good,
so I must assume
that I do not need
to download Zoom.
For meeting people
the tip is to use Skype
but it looks suspiciously
like marketing hype.
To simplify proceedings
and to avoid confusion,
using pen and paper
may be the solution.
© Luigi Pagano 2021

© ionicus 2023
UKA Editor's Pick!
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Luigi, letter writing is not what it used to be! These darned emails have no soul. Another very enjoyable poem.


Oh for the good old days when spelling was a sign of education and our brains were used to capacity (or as much as we have been allowed to know)
When we had totted up our shopping bills long before we met the till and the automatons that put our purchases through with barely a hint of humanity.

We were not created to be machines and much as I love the instant communications of emails..compared to the past…something has died within me. (and humanity as a whole)

Lovely poem Luigi
Alison x


Bravo Luigi! You’ve just ticked all my boxes! I would even go further, what was so bad about clay tablets?



In my family I’m know as ‘Doogie’ – after the Scots; but as you never call an Irishman Michael, the same for us – never Doug – unless your an Aussie – hence ‘Darg’. My father-in-law, being a Geordie, used to call me ‘Dog’, so ‘Doggie’ sort of fits. But what’s in a name…….um…..sounds familiar 🙂


At work i do have to get help on the computer from these young whiz kids. It’s the stuff i don’t do every day that fogs my brain… Anyway nice verse.

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