When I was a boy, I searched for the love

That I’d never known and never been shown.

I was lost, I was lonely, I’d spend time thinking… if only.

I’d search for that love in the strangest of places

Oblivious to any and all danger.

I so needed to love, to feel and belong to somebody,

And when love finally found me I was caught by surprise

Everything I’d wanted was there in front of me.

It seemed that overnight this love

turned me into the man I’d always wanted to be.

I stood proud, I walked proud, I laughed aloud,

I was free from all that loneliness and longing.

And the strangest thing about my life is,

That now that that love has flown

I have turned back into that same boy again

Lost and lonely, and always thinking…if only


© marvo 2023
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Poignant; “if only”…..sums this piece up very well.


I agree with Bhi. It is poignant. I feel it could be pruned to make it more effective but that’s just how I see it.

I gave up on “if only” years ago. It never does any good. 😉
Alison x

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