A Roadmap, or Data not Dates

A poem for our time

A Roadmap, or Follow the Data
A song for our time


So let us reflect on the pickle we’re in
And how we may take on the virus and win
It is clear that in order to ward off our fates
We must hang our dependence on data, not dates.

Data not dates, data not dates,
We all must rely upon data not dates.

On the eighth of March kids can go back to school
So their parents can work (but not work to rule!).
From Easter, up to six are permitted to meet
And shout as they like from their own (distanced) seat.

Data not dates, data not dates,
Let’s be clear, we depend upon data not dates.

After 12th April, we can visit the zoo –
Shops, gyms and hairdressers, libraries too.
Though still, if you’re anxious to stay out of trouble
You’re strongly advised to remain in your bubble.

Data not dates, data not dates,
We must build our trust upon data not dates.

By 17th May, if we’ve beaten the bug
We might be allowed the occasional hug
And then, if we’re good, the data may say
We can scrap all restrictions on Midsummer Day!

Data not dates, data not dates,
We owe our achievement to data not dates.

Our leader instructs us on what we must do
Just ‘Follow the data’ and we will come though
And we will obey him, because we’re not fools –
Is the virus aware it must follow the rules?

Data not dates, data not dates,
The plague shall be thwarted by data not dates.


© shadow 2023
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This has an easy flow. The chorus lines are spot on.


Nice one shadow. I can hear a Flanders and Swan singing to this.


To save me voicing my opinion on the madness I see around me I shall confine myself to the poem. Excellent in structure and the chorus begs for it to be made into a song.

I can see us in a folk club up the Royal Mile one day singing away to the piano and the fiddle. 😉

Alison x

data not dates, date not dates…..I am forming a tune in my head now….:-)


A topical and apt poem, Moya. A good read.

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