The fish

A fish
caught in the net.

I suffocate on the
stage, look for the
exit gate, the red light
attracts me, but I get
trapped in the play.

Yearning to escape
like the fish,
the net gain.

© supratik 2023
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Again! Excellent, a short poem that says so much with so few words.

Thanks again



Performers, not just performances, are consumed. But strangely, the fish throw themselves in the net. Counter intuitive. It’s a scary, but powerful notion. Nicely framed.


the red light in Bardo Thodol signifies choosing a reincarnation that is definitely not good, and usually it’s lustfully illegitimate.
I saw it as a soul wanting to explore the game, thus avoid even such big temptations, a soul that knows this is a play.


 the red light attracts me, but I get trapped in the play. three lines speak volumes. How many world wide are now realising they are “trapped in the play” The writhing fish in its death throes is divorced from onlooker’s thinking. We are congratulated on a “good catch” or similar. Forgetting or totally ignorant of the connection we all share to sentient beings. I eat fish so perhaps I am a hypocrite as I do not think I could reel in a fish, kill it and eat it but it is a deeper level we are talking about here. Good… Read more »

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