A Bit of A Do

A kerfuffle in Handforth, my hometown.

I used to live in the South

then moved to the North

to an attractive small town

that’s known as Handforth.


How come, you may ask

that I’ve remained silent

and haven’t commented

about the recent event


that began with a zoom

between council clerks

and soon developed

into verbal fireworks..


The reason, my friends,

is not that I was lax;

I was out of the room

so I missed the climax


of an eventful meeting.

and the chance of a scoop;

but viewing it on Youtube

kept me in the loop.


The last time I attended

a public consultation

was to reach a decision

on a planning application..


The inhabitants’ concerns

were heard but dismissed.

No wonder that townsfolk

felt thoroughly pissed.


I am not really surprised

at citizens’ apathy

and why councillors’ antics

don’t get much sympathy.




© Luigi Pagano 2021

© ionicus 2023
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O to be on a parish council these days. My question is who and why they chose to put it on youtube, these wannabe dictators?


Luigi, I’ve just read this poem to my wife – she say’s your a star – but we know that already.
And I thought you still lived in London?



It sure was “a bit of a do” Well portrayed too. I feel many people are now either acting out of character or revealing their real hateful selves. Either way, I have decided I now prefer to keep my distance. I passed a lady with a pushchair and three very young toddlers down my dead end street today. As I pulled into my house just before the bridge I remarked how cute they were. I hardly got a response. Almost a glare. Then on seeing she was going to have to negotiate the 5 steps up onto the bridge right… Read more »

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