The Childe Mary feeds and grows

No 4 in the series “The life and times of Mary”. Mary feeds on her mother’s ancient milkways. 


Mother’s photosynthetic breasts

Pulse green, milk from sun sourced veins

Ancient roots courses through Mary

Melding her to the seasons, no thoughts

Of separation, gravitated

Orbit influenced by the First

She feeds and in the feeding feeds

She grows and in the growing grows

Splitting atoms fusing carbon

Harmonising glass with granite

Anchoring steel rib by rib welding

Fashioning a nest fantastic

Where she’ll play chromosomes spinning

an involute apple hanging

succulent always out of reach

Sated daughter mother rounded rest – 

Cellular regeneration

Accelerating unfinished

Possibilities for expansion

Beyond the current poetics –

knowing they’ll be labelled heretics

They wait for the trials to begin

© Bhi 2023
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i see some bible Genesis in this. Apple the knowledge of good and evil? Rib coming out of Adam? And then there is the establishment of evolution of organic life on Earth, based on an ecology of photosynthesis. Trading single cell immortality for mortal multi-cellar grandeur? Are we these heretics who live on trial?

Is Mary hiding in Pandora’s box or from it? Is she aware of it? that the blessing is destined to become a curse? her valuable body to become a lost holy grail?

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