Blind Drunk in Elysium

In Vino Veritas, I suppose…

And lying there pinned 

by the rays of the Summer Sun, 

the death song of a million braincells 

drowned out by the crickets, I had my answer.


Forgetting the question,

drowned deep neath the whisky,

I found the truth so relentlessly simple

That I wept at knowing I would soon forget.


I saw certainty disfigured

Faith made futile in a febrile mind.

The Key to the Wisdom of the Ancients

Placed in the unsure grasp of an unprincipled fool.


What? You want the answer.

You want the secret of eternal life?

What price the heavy Saws of the Immortals?

Were they fooIish enough to gift these to a drunkard

© franciman 2023
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Ah but you managed to retain this fine poem. I reckon many are taking to drink now as we see the world we knew slipping away into a black pit. It is enough to drive me to drink haha but too heavy on the calories.. I am sure many wonderful thoughts are conjured up during a heavy session as the outside world slips away and we are in tune with our thinking of sorts…same as so many great ideas come during sleep. I loved this! And lying there pinned  by the rays of the Summer Sun,  the death song of… Read more »


This so honest it can bring tears to your eyes…


In vino veritas ! Good one franciman.

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