Everybody cannot be wrong

When I was young,
I’d be horrified if I
couldn’t fit in, if I
wouldn’t gel with
my peers.

A group, a team,
a gang of untrained
bullies, important,
to be humored
all the time; it was
a game I wasn’t ever
good at.

I slowly became
a loner, then a loser.

As days went by,
my capabilities were
tarnished, I was defamed
by every single friend;
they were all speaking
the same language,
selling the single story
about me.

It was tragic, not any less
than being violated
in public.

As a child, I recall,
I’d go into depression
if my perfumed eraser
was snatched away from
my school bag. Now, it is
laughable, no longer

Everybody was
a scary machine in all
my working days;
much later, I realized,
it was nobody.

Everybody was
as needy as I was,
like them, I also had
a family to feed.

Thrown out in the open,
none heard my voice,
my version, no ombudsmen,
my savings burnt my fingers
because my unaccommodated
disability, lack of people
skill made me a prey,
an interesting kill.

Right or wrong,
old or young,
loner, loser, or lover,
now I know that
everybody matters
as little as nobody. 

© supratik 2023
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Brilliant! This could be read out in schools to great benefit to the pupils who are even more so now, struggling for identity, meaning, self worth. There is safety in numbers so many choose that avenue for good or ill just to blend in. The tall poppy syndrome is alive and flourishing. Many young people taking their own lives because nobody showed them the gift of their uniqueness. It has never been easy to stand apart from the crowd. Judgement everywhere even among family and friends. Somebody told me a wise thing at some point in my life. It said… Read more »


Yes, this hit a spot – hopefully in all lives. We may forget, that childhood – adolescence, can be one of misery. My wife does voluntary work at our village primary school, and it gladdens my heart when I hear about how all children are treated with respect – so they can pass it on. Thank you for this.


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