A Picture Postcard

A carpet of snow after the storm Christoff.

Cold, rain and snow,
in winter, are the norm
but not at the same time
as an unexpected storm.
It cannot be claimed
that we weren’t warned
but it shows that lessons
haven’t yet been learned.
Global warming is real
and happening now,
climatologists have said;
a situation we can’t allow.
The earth, a carpet of snow,
is like a picture postcard
but an excessive snowfall
can make life rather hard.
© Luigi Pagano 2020

© ionicus 2023
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An apt poem Luigi. Living close to the fens, with the Great River Ouse a mile away, we are ‘waiting for the barbarians’. Yes, I liked it, though the final stanza trailed off – unless! you are using ‘hard’ in it tactile meaning?

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