The planet

If this planet, a zoo
then, of all, who’s
the most dangerous
animal? The human being.
The supreme, the most
powerful, putting creation
at stake, under the 
gratuitous firmament.

The weed of hunting,
being hunted, so present
in the delinquent hunter,
destroying the seed of
creation, day by day,
moment after moment.

Chosen, conscious, caring
words crowd volumes
of leaves, they don’t commit,
remain comical hence,
shelves of awards, 
endless accolades throw
their weight around,
but the deforestation in 
the tonsured ground,
in thought and action
making the move lament.

The sole nest, trapped
in livid lust, greed,
screeching for help.

The cage will not open
the change will not unchain, 
in the absence of atonement. 

© supratik 2023
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