The Stresemann’s Bristlefront

A rare tropical bird.

I should be singing
and dancing for joy;
I wait for an answer
to my mating call.

I am alive and well
and full of hope
that I’ll find a partner
I can enthrall.

Being a survivor
of drought and fire,
the trouble is
that I live in Brazil.

The deforestation
ongoing here
is excessive
and it bodes ill.

The ground is where
I build my nest
but the soil is degraded
and not the best.

The forest exploited
for agriculture,
logging and pasture,
does not pass the test.

Dried-up streams
and sere vegetation
are not at all good
for our preservation.

It seems that I am
the last alive specimen
of the bristlefront’s
avian flock.

That the reason is
an inadequate regimen
may be evident
but it’s still a shock.

I sincerely wish that
people will see sense,
come off the fence
and save our habitat.


© Luigi Pagano 2020

© ionicus 2023
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Luigi, I wasn’t too sure whether the first two stanzas were about you!

Another little masterpiece from your quill.


Luigi, this fine verse needs a home. A book devoted to endangered avians along with illustrations, marketed to children/schools so that awareness is nurtured. Too many kids are being brought up in materialism and outright hedonism.

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