Worth, worthless

Meanings, reasons, beliefs
sharpening the intellect,
sullying the intelligence,
caged albums,
memories I need to sit upon
I carry on my head,
a herculean burden;
there’s no meaning in nature
other than what it simply is;
with the three humanly designed 
impediments, boons, and banes,
clashes are inevitable.
Don’t blame the child
shooting on the computer
waiting, wanting, willing,
yearning to shoot for real.

You know scores of things
more than I do, but now
I have a machine that knows
thousand times more than you;
so, now what is your value,
it’s perhaps nothing
other than the worth
of a human being.

© supratik 2023
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Well laid out and thought provoking piece.

The computer, though, is just a tool. It does not know a “thousand times more than you”; it is just a simple indexing and retrieval mechanism that we use to enable us to do things faster and more efficiently. And you don’t answer the pivotal question: what is the worth of a human being? How do you measure that?


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