A state of maximum entropy

The second law of thermodynamics applied to explain life’s messy state

A state of maximum entropy – The second law of thermodynamics applied

(explaining life’s messy state) – edited 21 December 2020


I, while investigating the

efficiency of steam engines,

accidentally stumbled upon

the ending of the universe –

THE HEAT DEATH – resulting from

 a state of maximum entropy

(dS > 0);

where d is measuring change

and S represents entropy,

which must always be increasing.


applied to my life this equation

illuminates its messy state:

recent alcoholic; redundant,

after twenty years of rising;

marriage spent, dry, not a word shared

from October to December;

a new year’s birth beckoning joyless.

ringed purely for the children

our hearts separate, screams contained

but ravaged the scars surface, exposed

ruthlessly stamped by time’s brutal march


A state of maximum entropy

Disorder relentless increasing


© Bhi 2023
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Entropy, I remember was an increase in energy that has taken a form that can no longer be used, which will result in a universe dying of coldness. What a world, when research into something of benign interest leads right back to relationship difficulties.

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