Make Mine A Double

From a licentious part of my life, mostly passed now. But still occasional balm.

Make Mine a Double


Make mine a double,

Then make mine another double

It never means trouble

So make mine a double


Jamesons flowing straight

Jamesons into the night

So make mine a double

And keep your water.


Feet change direction 

Head takes reflection

Eyes begin to see blood

So make mine a double.


The toilet gets further away

The body begins its own sway

But there’s no dismay

So make mine a double


Its a time to stagger

Its no time to beg

but the whiskey had me by the legs

So make mine a double.


Words become blurred

Phrases slurred all around

I don’t care I’m already bound

So make mine a double


Another double

and me mind goes

to darkened fields of death

so make mine a double.


Sat near the jukebox

Words are sung along

“There’s no brown eyes waiting for me”

So make mine a double.


Time comes to tell

Its the end of my hell

Or maybe just the start

So make mine a double


Sounds the bell

A call to tell

Over here please

And make mine two doubles!



© Mentalelf 2023
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You had me at ‘Make Mine a Double’… I loved the driven nature of this, spurred on by the repeat. I guess we’ve most of us been there?


Yes indeed…


You mean inspired on Jamisons!

Doubles all round.


I found this very sad. I ‘got it’ totally of course but the progression through the changing mental states and physical difficulties…the many reasons someone can justify the decision to know they are on the slippery slope but still continue…affects me deeply. I come from the Highlands where we were weaned on whiskey lol but I cannot enjoy the reading of it. As nursing students we were well known for liking a drink to work hard and play hard…but never to this extent. Probably because we had to work in the morning. 😉 I also think of my mother and… Read more »

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