Forty years on.

Imagine all the people
who are crying for John today
remembering the musician
who shared his dream of peace
and universal brotherhood,
hoping that the message
was heard and understood.
Four decades have now passed
since a deranged individual,
whose name was David,
struck, without just cause,
a veritable Goliath.
It is common knowledge
that John Lennon was myopic.
Might it be that his vision
of everlasting friendship
was blurred or utopic?
The globe is forever in turmoil
with no prospect of goodwill
and when all’s said and done,
the world is not yet as one.
© Luigi Pagano 2020

© ionicus 2023
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A lovely tribute to a genius, and a philosophical commentary on the madness of our world.



He was a genius and inspired me to write. A multifaceted personality, by the time of his death he was said to be a Reagan Republican.


I would say no, but it is a surprising fact for many. He was complicated politically and took a lot of left-wing flak for writing Revolution in 1968. But he despised Nixon and was an important figure in the anti-Vietnam War movement when he moved to the States in the early 70s. The Soviets invading Afghanistan in 1979 changed a lot of activists minds.

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