The purest lent

When you give up
your favourite things
for lent, try and sacrifice
your words during 
the period, apart from
chanting prayers, be silent. 

© supratik 2023
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Great poem.

The purest lent for me is simply to be all of the time, to let the first whisper of the universe flow through me, to connect me to every point in time and being, to be aware.



Sage advice Supratik… and may I say how delighted I am to see you back.
Silence is golden and it is something I crave the older I get.
I am so lucky to live at the end of a dead end cobbled street near a river. I cherish the quiet times for prayer and contemplation. There is more than enough clamour in the world most of it utter rubbish.
Alison x


Yes, the problem is the tongue is the most dangerous organ 365 days of the year.

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