Equinox at Frank Seago’s

Equinox at Frank Seago’s
Christmas Eve 2016
shivering in a freezing kitchen
bobble hat to beat the cold
surfing late-night radio stations,
swerving drunkards singing carols 
and jingles praising senna pods –
out of the blue I caught a snatch
of Coltrane’s sublime Equinox.
my mind zipped back to ‘66,
an Essex council-house front-room;
cat-scratched armchairs, vinyl couches, 
sundry drop-outs smoking ganja.
the rule? three quick drags – pass it left. 
I inhaled. my head imploded.
Frank picked L.Ps. from a stack,
A Love Supreme and Equinox,
‘this Coltrane cat will blow your mind.’
Trane swept me into dream space, jazz space,
my head free-floated ‘someplace’, until,
reeking of sandalwood and weed
this chick sat pressed right up against me,
she was middle-class, but slumming, 
wore freshly ironed  beatnik gear and 
spoke in posh-voice ‘Village’ slang,
‘wow! far out, man! dig it! good shit!’
she kissed my cheek, squeezed my knee,  
‘psst. fancy sixty-nining with me?’  
my mind was on My Favourite Things,
I said ‘okay’ halfheartedly
her mother warned her every day,
‘keep a tight hold on your ha’penny,’ 
she wanted her ‘first time’ with a hippy,
I was at hand – she settled for me.
while all she knew of sex was drawn
from youth club chat and Valentine.
she made a sucker out of me,

© coolhermit 2023
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CH, you have led a dissolute life; or should I just say you have lived! the end.

It’s great when a single illuminating hook can resurrect any moment from the past.




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