Art Deco Child

Musing over re-incarnation

At times I feel re-incarnated.

Images come to my mind’s eye

when I hear Glenn Miller music.

Smoky dance-halls, lines of girls,

uniforms and growing up. . . fast.


Hark-back memories.

Easy times in Art Deco cities.

Climbing Clarice Cliff trees

resplendent in primary colours.

Candy-box houses filled with windows

stained with angular patterns.


Streets populated with Airflow cars

driven by double-breasted suits

with turn-ups and razor-sharp creases.

The company of bob-cut ladies.

Travelling on trains

pulled by idealized locos

puffing cotton wool smoke.


And I wonder why these memories

feel cut-off in a sudden. . . .

and why the drone of a high-flying B-29

brought irrational fear when I was five-years old.

© Guaj 2022
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I’ve just started watching Babylon Berlin, and this poem took me straight into the streets of Berlin. It’s strange the connections we make and store, and how they wake at the whisper of the hypnotist’s voice, which is, essentially, our voice, but which to protect ourselves we project outside of ourselves..

Great poem, G.


G, it’s on Sky. I’m sure that we all have doppelgangers; once I was taken for a presenter on channel 4, and I went along with that so I could get into film premieres and rub shoulders with the A-listers. Didn’t last long though.

a good poem

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OMG. I felt this poem! I also have memories of the last war. I see the black and white pictures of the old fashioned street lamps and something in me ‘knows’ I was here then. Some trains of thought say we re-incarnate with the same players time and again to work out karmic debts. For instance, my son is convinced he was a German officer and I have had experiences in the dream world to confirm that. Your mother in one life may be your brother or sister in another but we share each stage with a number of players… Read more »


By the way, I copied this comment as I went along because of the time and effort involved. As before, it suddenly disappeared but thankfully, I was able to paste my comment again, even although I had added and amended some of it. This is a major problem.

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