our lives are tragic,
artists live in poverty
their work is ignored –
they’re buried in paupers’ graves –
cult status may come – too late
our lives are tragic,
idle nonentities,
become ‘rich as Croesus’ by
baring all for online fans
our lives are tragic,
the poor can only look on
as ‘elites’ enjoy
sunshine bikini junkets
on Caribbean beaches
our lives are tragic,
in geriatric clinics
it is suggested
‘it’s best all round, just sign here’ –
mum is now a ‘d.n.r.’
our lives are tragic,
young girls fear the growing babe
swelling their belly
will spoil Magaluf this year
so opt for termination
our lives are tragic,
summer festival antics
are soon regretted
when credit card bills arrive
and Christmas starts in August
our lives are tragic,
lonely souls reach out for love,
and when all goes wrong,
it’s paint on a rictus smile,
hit the clubs, and try again
our lives are tragic,
drinking bottles of vino,
watching the death of
Tommy Cooper on telly
and shrugging – life’s ‘just like that’.

© coolhermit 2023
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Yup, Just like that. . . and it’s gone.
Better luck next time for the believers.
Good philosophical work, Rick


Certainly not one to be taken with tea.

There must be a rewind button somewhere. Where is that bloody remote? And I’ve got to go to the offie again! Ah, just as well there’s Eats and Uber.

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