Ungodly Fathers

an exploration of ambition

Out of no goodness men seek fame,

Stream from casual gate

On shining boot, and bike, by car

To inflating class, in halls sacred

Culturing high engineered primes;


Their construction, uncluttered by welding,

Keeping the rest diminished, in awe

Of silence of vast holy spaces,

Resounds with prayer to Olympian dreams.

Beneath, silent, denuded weeps the earth,


Ribs broken, heart pumped dry she watches

These ungodly fathers shell their skulls,

Birth mirrored glass and mined stone,

Complex, sharp as her own stripped bone.

Comparing, praising, these masters raise

Themselves above, beyond her curve,


Are stumped, wondering why their lines

Refuse to stir, as does the heart of her.

Intellect powers new architectures;

Unbowed rivals to her womb fed structures

Briefly towers appal the sky,

But She, no disciple to their ambition,


Shatters their thin plated scaffolding,

Exposing I’s imprismed in basement rooms

Playing with Lego, watching loony ‘toons.

© Bhi 2023
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interesting piece, seems to be a vailed nod to the greed of man and the ultimate destructive power of Mother Earth whenever she decides to use it.

Last edited 2 years ago by Guaj

There is a lot here…I will have to re-read. I get the gist of it but feel I am missing the heart of it? I feel it is a cry against the relentless advance of greed and technology with no regard for Mother Earth. The elites up to their dastardly tricks and manoeuvres hidden mostly from the ordinary citizen. The last two lines speak to me of the typical aggressive cyber warrior who purports to be something other than a free loading dimwit. Arrested development and lacking in anything constructive to add to society as a whole. My god, there’s… Read more »


interesting but I have questions about the Olympian dreams, I’d like to know why you chose this word, because the Ancient Hellenes were not interested in exploiting nature overusing it etc (and they could have done it) they were physiolatres nature lovers so I wonder am I missing something? what’s the connection here?
all ancient temples are architecturally in accordance with the natural environment. Beneath Olympus Earth would never be denuded.


I read this as a conflict between masculine will-to-power and feminine creativity. After reading the comments below I also see the nature vs industrial damage too. “…sharp as her own stripped bone” is a great image/line.


I like the intent of the poem as it is close to my heart. So bravo! Keep writing on this. Curious to know the meaning of the word ‘imprismed’.


Brilliant! I was particularly attracted by a French plawright Valère Novarina who had tried experimenting with words, especially with names. Well done.

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