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Yes, I also feel summer is always reluctant to leave. However, now it’s Autumn’s turn to look over her shoulder, there’s a cold hearted monster on her tail.


Hi Sue
I don’t think I have ever dreaded the long dark days as I do this year.
The lockdowns are really badly affecting everyone I know (me included)
The poem is beautifully short so every line distilled

There is a feeling of sadness and also uncertainty, as the last line leaves the reader feeling the poem.
I love how you personalise the seasons too. I feel I shall treasure spring this coming year as never before…nor so long in the return.
Alison x


Such a feeling of longing in this and it really does speak to me at the moment. It feels as if we’ve missed out on summer this year and the cold and dark nights are drawing nearer.


Beautifully written.

But there should be no regrets; each season has a special flavour, its own colours and voices. We cannot hold on, delay the passing, we should open to the beauty of the next moment.

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