Just one of my animal poems ready for the book that is going to be animal stories and poems. Don’t have any guinea pigs these days but adored them as a child


The guinea  pig  people inhabit a hutch

that a rabbit  abandoned. They don’t  think  much

of his house in the garden with nothing to do.

So they squeak and they squeak,

in fluent guinea pig speak.

When Daddy goes to work and Mum’s at the shops,

the children let the guinea pigs gobble up the crops.

They gobble  in the garden where the vegetables  grow,

eat all the radishes and lettuces in rows

and they play hop scotch and catch me if you can

till Dad  comes home and is not  a happy  man.

Chasing through the flower beds, up and down the  path —

guinea pigs in garden like soap in the  bath.

guinea pigs slippery, guinea pigs not  daft,

gallivanting guinea pigs have the last laugh.


© Daffni 2023
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critique and comments welcome.
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A cute children’s poem. It would be nice to have it illustrated when you put it in your book.
Lovely animals are guinea pigs.


Awww lovely. Kids will love this.
Loved ” Guinea pigs in garden like soap in the bath”
Reminded me of me as a very young child when my dad warned me not to let Tillie my tortoise near his strawberry patch.
I remember surreptitiously slipping her under the net and amusing myself by watching as she made light work of the strawberries with her strong little jaws.

Guess I must have been a naughty child. 😉

Alison x


That really is lovely and will definitely appeal to a child. I have a friend with guinea pigs and twin girls (I know, a glutton for punishment) and she would love this book to read to them.

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