Fifteen-Years Later



Jerene’s moved, to a house,

A nice area, that Jeremy bought for her.

“I must’ve done something right.”

She sold our house.  Has gotten a dog.

We always had 2-5 as the boys

And Erin grew up.  Lola, the last

And our favorite, a St. Bernard, died

Five years ago.  So, Jerene’s gotten

A dog, a four-month old

St. Bernard–Violet.  Puppies are

Rebirths of a sort.  Jerene and Violet

Walk mornings, puppy-park

Afternoons.  I told Jerene, moments

Ago, you have another baby

To raise.  “That’s right, ” she said.

Life is both hopeless, and beautiful.

My heart is heavy, light.  Both.

© slovitt 2023
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Life is both hopeless, and beautiful. Ain’t that the truth. My children were brought up with every animal under the sun. I tried to give them the life I longed for as a child. My estranged daughter recently told me (before the portcullis went down yet again) …that I had been responsible for my grandchildren being animal lovers before they could even talk. Still they were taken from me. Life is often painful in the measure to how much we have loved. Your poetry is so full of meaning and emotion skillfully almost concealed behind matter of fact words. Alison… Read more »

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