to Harriet (1956-1987)

I want to wake before dawn
stretch out my arm
and find you there beside me
I want to lie in purple half-light
listening to the songs of birds and
the contentment in your purring sleep
I want to stroke your dreaming face
brush your cheek with a loving kiss
and taste again your sleep-stale breath
I want to bury my head
in your pillow, filling my soul
with lavender
I want to roll to your side of the bed
pretending you’re there
while you make coffee
I want to groan at your falsetto ‘Just One Cornetto’
behind frosted glass, and glimpse
you nude through shower steam
(or ironing in a baggy shirt)
I want to go back to a time
before that letter came
with dreadful news
I want to know if when you let go
that final breath, and braved the dark
where street-lamps cannot reach
did you look back and think of me?

© coolhermit 2023
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Memories often like a Thorntons chocolate with a bitter taste in the centre

Last edited 2 years ago by Guaj

Superb poem, deep sadness steps through every line. Sue.


Love in every line shines through

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