The trees beyond my garden

are wandering in for tea,

reaching out with open arms

they’ve come to visit me.


Once we stood quite far apart,

unknown friends to date.

Divided by a little path

and a wooden gate.


Now I walk my garden

they stand just feet away,

calling in their softest voice

come, sit and talk today.



© sweetwater 2023
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Hi Sue,
This poem has a childlike charm. I had a lovely book of poems for young children. I used to read it to my kids when they were small. It was illustrated and full of poems like this…feel good poems that children (and adults) love.
The beauty is in the simplicity of the layout and the easy rhyme…plus what it says of course. 😉
Alison x


Lovely rhyme. A simple elegance. So pleasing to read.


Hi Sue,
Great to be reading your work again. The child-like simplicity hides a comforting and pleasing metaphor. I reckon the wistful nature stays with us all after reading.
Jim x

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