Sugar and Spice

…and all things nice

It was the husband

who planted the seed.

“Sugar”, he said,

“don’t you think

it’d be nice

to put some spice

in our life?

Being the dutiful

devoted wife,

she readily agreed.

Knew that their diet

had been rather bland

and saw the need

to add more zest

to their simple fare.

There was no impropriety

in trying to introduce

greater variety

and creative flair.

But how to start?

She was not Mrs Beeton

but wouldn’t be beaten;

found facts galore

on how to ginger up

their insipid menu.

She wasn’t silly;

she could use paprika,

turmeric and chilli,

coriander, cumin

or cinnamon

with more frequency

to enjoy their meal

with added piquancy.


© Luigi Pagano 2020

© ionicus 2023
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Simple but mouth wateringly pleasing, Luigi. I Like the rhythm and rhyming here and there.

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