‘No! Please don’t put
my name on the list…
What? Okay, if you insist’.
Smiles the humble face,
‘you know this, I guess
if it’s for everyone’s benefit,
so be it, but I never
ever want the credit’.

‘No! I never suggested this
I want to be out of this mess
so many layoffs? It’s your baby,
I don’t want them to trace
my name, it’ll lead me in jeopardy
so count me out, please’.

‘No! They didn’t do it, we did.
How’s it that they’re applauded
for what our team had toiled.
We will sign a petition of protest,
our united voice will sound,
we have our feet on the ground
our silence will break,
they’ve got to include our name
for heaven’s sake’.

‘Oh! I was nominated’,
‘I was called to preside’,
‘I was awarded’
once, twice thrice
countless times, maybe’!
You’ve got to take them seriously?

‘But as far as I can see.
My predicament
on the seat of judgement
is unquestionable,
like all of you there,
I am no wannabe
you’ve got to humour me?’

© supratik 2023
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Never give your name – your postcode – your email address – they just wanna skewer you – roast you like a long pig 🙁

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