a life frozen by a moment of time

walking an empty pathway
blocking out pregnant silences
by burbling nervous nonsense
until in a pool of darkness
between two lampposts’ yellow light
Rebekah put a finger to my lips
held my face between warm palms
kissed me. said she loved me –
but she would never be free.
she wiped tears from her face
and wiped tears from mine.
at home I pulled my curtains tight
against moonlight and the creeping dawn
and woke, my belly filled with morning.

© coolhermit 2023
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I’ve had a few of those, mate!


the greeks say “cold hands warm heart” I think it’s a universal phrase just googled it. for some reason I almost believe it’s not true. a sentimental write..

sorry for asking but was she married already? it’s your line she would never be free.

she may have been the type that doesn’t deserve becoming a poem without mentioning her warm palms (then , perhaps and indeed)

well bloody romantic fantasy strictly for poetic reasons can get you into trouble with or without an affair! people believe what they read and what they write! lol

that’s so neat. wish I could do it!

I know you pisces very well. both my parents belong to this star sign and my current best friend does also, not to mention a couple of other souls I have met. Charismatic to say the least. You may hide from others but it’s nearly impossible from your immediate family for which you (and your dreamworld) is an open book.

wow… you certainly seem to have lived first then write (as Greek literary circles say ‘first you live then you write’)

yeah but what if a younger person has absolutely no plan or intention to live all these things? what if the younger person strongly believes in vanitas vanitatum omnia vanitas and just observes with bitter hope the very end of his/hers and everybody’s illusions?

yes because with authenticity you may obtain authority in fact one of the greatest joys of writing is persuading others you are authentic and the only one authorized to know what’s real and what’s not.

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