I am not bound by these walls

i am not bound by these walls
for they talk to me in the night
whispered words that drip sweetly into my mind
showing me things that i should not see
a liquid ectasy of crawling madness
that devours and consumes my fragile reason…

i am not bound by these walls
even when they try to cloud my world
with sweet treats that leave a bitter taste in my soul
leaving me to wonder who stares back at me
that unknown stranger hidden in the mirrors depths
the face of some one i think i knew long ago….

i am not bound by these walls
where echoes of those past and present meet
screaming in defiance and begging for mercy
their identities imprisioned and consumed
broken minds bound in dressings of immobility
pale drooling shades of formerselves
left crying in memory of their own souls demise…

i am not bound by these walls
nor the locks and keys that bind them
protecting those angels of false mercy
patroling like hells relentless guardians
the dark and crumbling catacombs outside
hiding in fear behind shuttered doors
and occassionally stealing glimpses
into my tormented wonderland within…

i am not bound by these walls

for my mind is free….

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Very true. Good work.

as a side quibble – the second and third stanzas have been compacted together – not your doing – the site does it to me too – I had to put 7 line breaks in this morning after they did not show.


This is a wonderful poem. Our minds are free to wander where we please and to create the wonders that constantly birth inside of us.

Only question was about the use of ” tormented” to describe your wonderland; surely that should be the one place where the torments of our lives can be left at the door?


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